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Meet the Artists

At Spontaneous Productions, we like to refer to our performers as 'artists', because of the unique mixture of acting and storytelling inherant in improv.

You can meet them all here.

Next time you watch one of our shows, be sure to cheer for your favorite!

The Spontpro Team


Buddy Ricker is a founding member and current President of Spontaneous Productions. His favorite scenes involve anything altering the space/time continuum, and his favorite genre is "Cops". He also enjoys stand-up comedy, golf, volleyball, writing, and the Dallas Cowboys.


Lance Hendrickson


David Langer


Alex Adamson



Trey Whitt is the newest artist at Spontaneous Productions. He has spent years honing his improv skills as a black ops agent infiltrating the Sandanista regime in Nicaragua. Most recently he studied Buddha-prov in the mountains of Nepal. His favorite character to play is a Yeti with a Southern Accent. While not travelling the world, he lives in Minneapolis and complains about the cold weather.


Chad Allen is one of the original members of Spontaneous Productions, and currently serves as the artistic director. He also hosts the shows, providing a contact point between the team and the audience. In his free time he enjoys golf, movie making, and the Minnesota Twins.



Jonathan Langer is the creator and editor of the online series, 'Gelastica', and performs a weekly internet radio show. He likes to keep current on his knowledge of music and prefers biting political humor to slapstick routines.